Goldendoodles are a hybrid designer breed between a golden retriever and a standard poodle. For more information on the breed please click on the links below.

http://dogtime. com/dog-breeds/golden doodle#/slide/1

https://wagwalking. com/blog/9- amazing-facts-g oldendoodles/

My Goldendoodle Puppies

I have had one previous litter of goldendoodles. The pairing was a silver begie standard poodle and a white English Creme Goldendoodle. The puppies were born black and fadded to a black/silver. They were absoultly beautiful and found wonderful homes.

I am not starting a waiting list yet for any puppies until the parents have a confirmed pregancy.

To view any other available puppies please go to Our Puppies page.


The price is subject to change slightly depending on the litter.

Males & Females: $1,600 (no breeding rights) $1,800 (breeding rights)

The deposit is $300 and is part of the full purchase price.


The best way to reach me if you are interested in a puppy or have questions is through my email ( However you may call or text me at 850-736-5071, just leave a message if I do not answer.  


Pictures from Previous Litter

Videos of Previous Litter

Puppies at three weeks old.

Puppies at five weeks old.

Puppies at seven weeks old.

Puppies at eight weeks old.