• Sex: Male
  • Date of Birth: December 15th, 2018

Sampson is Sold!


Sampson is the second lightest puppy in the litter. He has the wavy/curly hair type from the poodle side and will not shed. He loves to cuddle and play with his toys.


Parent Information

Labradoodles are a hybrid designer breed between a labrador and a standard poodle. The father is Hairy and he is an AKC purebred standard poodle. The mother is Shadow, and she is a purebred American black labrador. In this litter I am expecting the puppies to be around 50 pounds with a lighter build since Shadow is an American Lab.  

Shadow had her puppies on December 15, 2018 and they will be eight weeks old on February 9, 2019. We are willing to hold puppies till Valentine's Day if needed.

Hairy is AKC, but the mother is not papered, so I will not be having papers on the puppies.

Pricing & Deposit

The price for these puppies is set at $950 each.

The deposit is $300 and is part of the full purchase price.

Puppy Deposit Agreement


The best way to reach me if you are interested in one of these puppies or have questions is through my email ( ). However, you may call or text me at 850-736-5071, just leave a message if I do not answer.


Puppies are 4 weeks old!

Puppies are 7 weeks old!